Karim Kabbaj
IT Director, Software Engineer

About Me

I have over 20+ years of experience as a software engineer, entrepreneur and IT leader. I'm a consumate learner with an eye around the corner on what's next.

As a hands-on technical leader who has built software products from the ground up, I have experience building/running large engineering teams. I am also capable of providing guidance at all levels. I'm motivated by the value I can deliver and the speed at which I can deliver it.

I'm always interested in becoming a better technology leader, and meeting interesting people in technology.

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  • Currently the Director of Office Based Systems for a National Healthcare company
  • Developed, and partnered, on countless websites, windows applications, and integration strategies
  • Built world class teams that specialize in product delivery and client satisfaction
  • Successfully built and deployed multiple native mobile applications (including utilities and games)
  • Earned multiple performance based awards in a variety of roles
  • Marketing challenge finalist for "Compliance" poster
  • Bachelor's Degree, Magna Cum Laude 3.9, Penn State


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