Karim Kabbaj

Karim Kabbaj
IT Leader, Entrepreneur
& Crypto Enthusiast

From Behind the Scenes

My name is Karim Kabbaj. I started my Software development career in the 90's when websites were just starting to take off. A colleague of mines shared their website with me via AOL and I was amazed that a regular joe could have their own website. That ignited a fire in me that has been burning ever since.

Since my first "Hello World" project in HTML, I have gone on to develop many complex, fully dynamic web applications to drive corporate efficiency in Operations. I also developed windows and mobile applications to drive value in my organizations. This constant desire to learn the latest technology and scripting has taken me from a behind the scenes developer, to a leader on the forefront of change.

I now manage a software development department for a Multi-Billion dollar organization in the healthcare sector, putting software in the hands of thousands of clinicians around the country.

In my spare time, I like to travel and learn new technologies. As a hobby, I'm also a software developer staying relevant and keeping my feet wet in this industry.

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