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Be a Leader, not a Boss

August 12, 2018

There are many key differences between a boss and a leader, and these differences should NOT be underestimated. These notes will help you identify which one you are and why being a leader is the ultimate goal.

Bosses Talk, Leaders Listen
A boss talks more than they listen, whereas a leader listens a great deal more than they talk. This allows the to understand the issue or view the full picture and then make recommendations on how to improve the situation.

Leaders Coach, Bosses Bark
A boss tends to direct people, usually resulting in the impression that they're just giving orders. A leader, on the other hand coaches their people. Coaching helps train the individuals so that they are better equipped to solve problems or bring new ideas to the table. Coaching also helps establish a collaborative relationship.

Bosses have their best interst in mind, A Leader considers the team
Bosses focus on themselves. The look at a situation and consider how it can benefit them. They steal credit and give blame. Leaders don't do that. They go to bat for their team and never hang their team out to dry. Leaders build teams, and a team will always be stronger than one person. Haven't you heard the phrase...

Leaders lead by example
If you ever hear the phrase "Do as I say, not as I do", you're dealing with a boss. A leader is not going to want something for you that they don't want for themselves. They're also not going to do something that they want you to avoid. A leader will ensure that they establish themselves as a professional mentor for you. If the person in charge of your team is someone you aspire to be like, he/she is most likely a leader.


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